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A Village Ride & Galle by Classic Car

Breakfast is important! Make sure you eat adequately as you’ve got a day of discovery ahead of...

Galle, Southern Province

Breakfast is important! Make sure you eat adequately as you’ve got a day of discovery ahead of you. At around 0800 hours, we’ll leave the hotel and set off on a journey through the island’s Southern countryside. Your host will give you a close up look of life here as he guides you along the rural waterways and back roads of the southern city of Galle.


A Village Ride: This experience starts along a stretch of water. In a small vessel, you’ll leisurely move alongside the breathtaking greenery and scenes from daily life in this rural part of Galle. The experience allows you to absorb the finer details of village life in these parts. You’ll drift along river banks dotted by villages as well as rubber and cinnamon plantations. The sparse growth of tea bushes is noticeable. Bird and reptile life is plentiful here. Your host knows these waters and the land beyond like the palm of his hand. He’ll comment on its richness as you journey forward. We’re back on land now and set to begin the next leg of this journey, and this time by bike! You’ll head off on a picturesque 9 km ride through the very heart of this rural locale. Paddy fields, slow-paced villages and local markets come into view gradually. The experience winds down at a traditional mud hut. Here, you’ll get to savour a cup of revitalizing herbal tea along with fresh hoppers straight out of the fire. Oh, and if you make it known in advance, we can arrange for a traditional lunch in this setting as well.


Make your way back to the hotel and put your feet up for a while. You’ve got enough time to relax until the next experience.


The steady sea breeze makes the evenings in Galle pleasant. You’ll make your way through the heart of this southern coastal city in this next experience. And best of all, you’ll do so while seated in a very special classic car!


Galle by Classic Car: Galle is renowned the world over for the unique pulse of its people, its rich maritime history and the influence of the colonial powers that once ruled here. The city today melds a diverse range of cultural influences. This is most visible in its cuisine and crafts. Your host for this one is a car collector and he takes out his most prized possession — a brilliant white 1972 Volkswagen convertible — as he navigates you through this coastal city. The sea breeze is always close at hand in Galle, and you’ll experience this as you make your way through this historic port city and its busy streets. You’ll make a quick stop at a local fruit and vegetable market, where an array of never-before-seen produce will be found. Some of them are native to the island and are cooked in several nutritious ways in preparing the local stape of rice and curry. Your host knows Galle inside out, and he’ll drive you to the Galle International Cricket Stadium next. An iconic structure visible from all across the town center, there’s nothing like watching a day of cricket here with the ocean as the backdrop. Thereafter, head to the famed Galle fish market, where you’ll see fishermen bring their catch ashore. Here, you’ll come across a wide array of fresh seafood being sold to the highest bidder. The experience concludes at the historic Galle Fort complex, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you drive through its narrow, cobbled streets, you’ll quickly see why. It is a truly special place, where the colonially-influenced buildings and structures remain in perfect condition today. Your host will narrate many stories that add to the overall richness of this experience.

* Please note that this experience is available for a maximum of three people.


The Galle by Classic Car experience winds to a halt at one of our properties in Unawatuna, which is just minutes away from the town center. We’ll head to the Angel Beach Club in Unawatuna, which is modeled after the Bali beach resort concept. As evening draws close, you can relax and unwind with a few cocktails or mocktails of your choice.


Head back to the hotel, thereafter, and lounge for a while or retire for the night. You’ll smile softly, knowing that you’ve seen several sides to Galle, only afforded to a few.


Includes : Host Water, boat ride, bike, helmet, meal.
Times : Starts at 0800 hours & ends at 1800 hours.
Children : Older children.
To wear/bring : Light clothes, cap & sunscreen.

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Sri Lanka is a tropical island. Therefore, breathable cotton clothing would be ideal. White is considered a clean, pure colour especially when visiting religious sites. Ideally a pair of sturdy sneakers for treks would do whilst a pair of comfy flip flops would do for excursions and sandals would be perfect for the beach or for a casual walk.
Get permission from the proper people before visiting a sacred place. This might be a caretaker, holy person, elder, or the governing agency affiliated with the site. Be aware that even after attaining permission from a governing agency you may be offending indigenous people who may not have jurisdiction over their own sacred sites.
Exchange rates fluctuate constantly throughout the week as currencies are actively traded. This pushes the price up and down, similar to other assets such as gold or stocks. The market price of a currency – how many U.S. dollars it takes to buy a Canadian dollar for example – is different than the rate you will receive from your bank when you exchange currency. Here's how exchange rates work, and how to figure out if you are getting a good deal. For the more advanced investor, you might want to check out
01.A person may bring any sum of money in foreign currencies into Sri Lanka. This sum could be in TCs, Bank drafts or currency notes. However, if the total of such sum exceeds US$ 15,000, such sum should be declared to the Sri Lanka Customs.

02. If a person wishes to take out from Sri Lanka any sum in exceeds of US$ 5000 in currency notes out of the sum brought in as per (1) above, such person should declare the entirety of the sum brought in, even if it is less than US$ 15,000.
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