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A Village Ride

The Southern part of the island has its own pulse. We dive deep into its countryside in this...

Galle, Southern Province

The Southern part of the island has its own pulse. We dive deep into its countryside in this experience. The rural villages, the waterways and back roads of Galle are second nature to our host.


A small vessel carries you along a waterway, with the idyllic scenery of rural Galle on either side. Daily life here is slow-paced. The river bank is fertile. It supports many villages as well as rubber and cinnamon plantations. A few untended tea bushes come into sight. This rich habitat is home to birds, amphibians and reptiles aplenty! Your host is an expert in these topics. We’re back on firm ground now. Next up is a 9 km bike ride through lush green paddy fields, small pockets of people, and local markets. This experience brings you within touching distance of actual life here. A traditional mud hut is where we reach finally. The herbal tea served here is as good as it gets. The hoppers go straight from the fire to your plate! A local fermented pancake, it is perfect for scooping up chilli sambol. Oh, and let them know a little in advance if you’d like to add a traditional lunch to this experience.


Come back to the hotel and put your feet up a little. This rural experience will stay with you for a lifetime.


Includes : Water, boat ride, bike, helmet, meal.
Times : Starts at 0800 hours & ends at 1100 hours. (Approx. 3 hours)
Children : Older children.
To wear/bring : Light clothes, cap & sunscreen.

What to Know Before you trvel


Knowledge and expertise can make your holiday more canker free and fun filled.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island. Therefore, breathable cotton clothing would be ideal. White is considered a clean, pure colour especially when visiting religious sites. Ideally a pair of sturdy sneakers for treks would do whilst a pair of comfy flip flops would do for excursions and sandals would be perfect for the beach or for a casual walk.
Get permission from the proper people before visiting a sacred place. This might be a caretaker, holy person, elder, or the governing agency affiliated with the site. Be aware that even after attaining permission from a governing agency you may be offending indigenous people who may not have jurisdiction over their own sacred sites.
Exchange rates fluctuate constantly throughout the week as currencies are actively traded. This pushes the price up and down, similar to other assets such as gold or stocks. The market price of a currency – how many U.S. dollars it takes to buy a Canadian dollar for example – is different than the rate you will receive from your bank when you exchange currency. Here's how exchange rates work, and how to figure out if you are getting a good deal. For the more advanced investor, you might want to check out
01.A person may bring any sum of money in foreign currencies into Sri Lanka. This sum could be in TCs, Bank drafts or currency notes. However, if the total of such sum exceeds US$ 15,000, such sum should be declared to the Sri Lanka Customs.

02. If a person wishes to take out from Sri Lanka any sum in exceeds of US$ 5000 in currency notes out of the sum brought in as per (1) above, such person should declare the entirety of the sum brought in, even if it is less than US$ 15,000.
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