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Polonnaruwa’s Primates

Polonnaruwa is the setting for this one. And we’re here to meet a special bunch this morning at...

Polonnaruwa, North Central Province

Polonnaruwa is the setting for this one. And we’re here to meet a special bunch this morning at the entrance to this ancient city; her famed primates and the committed researchers who study them.


Polonnaruwa is a heavyweight among the island’s ancient Kingdoms, and this one’s a pretty unique experience. You start seeing them in small tribes, one by one. Torque macaques, grey langurs and even purple-faced leaf eaters, they’re all here! Their numbers had dwindled in years past. Some were even in danger of being wiped out completely. In came the champions of their cause — the Smithsonian Research Center. Their tireless efforts and passion for these primates helped revive their fortunes once more. And it is these field researchers, themselves, who will closely guide you through all there’s to see and know here. It is with good reason that the ancient ruins here were chosen to film Disneynature’s ‘Monkey Kingdom’. You’ll see, close up, how primate societies operate and how they interact with each other. The many challenges in preserving them are touched on. The work being done here is remarkable. To absorb these primates with the natural backdrop of Polonnaruwa’s ruins is something else.


The heat during the day can take its toll. Get back to the hotel, unwind towards evening, and look back at the one-of-a-kind experience you soaked up.


Includes : Walk and entry to Polonnaruwa.
Times : Starts at 0630 hours & ends at 0830 hours (Approx. 2 hours)
Children : Yes, those that love wildlife.
To wear/bring : Cool clothing, hat, passport.

What to Know Before you trvel


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Sri Lanka is a tropical island. Therefore, breathable cotton clothing would be ideal. White is considered a clean, pure colour especially when visiting religious sites. Ideally a pair of sturdy sneakers for treks would do whilst a pair of comfy flip flops would do for excursions and sandals would be perfect for the beach or for a casual walk.
Get permission from the proper people before visiting a sacred place. This might be a caretaker, holy person, elder, or the governing agency affiliated with the site. Be aware that even after attaining permission from a governing agency you may be offending indigenous people who may not have jurisdiction over their own sacred sites.
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